Zuckerzeit Thursday 22nd of January 22.30

Zuckerzeit – the name of the art project founded by Greve and C-Schulz in Cologne 1999 is misleading.
Their films are dominated by brutal beauty with a melancholic-realistic touch. Greve and C-Schulz take extracts from old 8mm takes out of their actual time context and bar both the protagonists and the plot of these films in their film loops.

Through audio, repetitions and editing of the film material tragic and emotion in low pace imprint themselves on the filmed, apparent everyday life. Colour blots which are made directly on the film material, acid attacks, solarisations, positive-negative effects look like visually imprinted scratches of time itself. Together with non compromising compositions of the Cologne Band “Von Spar” or with Barry Bermange’s radio cycle “Four Inventions” (1964) Zuckerzeit is creating truly enchanting audio and video collages.


Spiral - Filmstill

Filmstill: Spiral