The Kinamo Story (II) Saturday January 23, 7.30 p.m.

At the end of the 1920s the KINAMO of Emanuel Goldberg inspired the film art avantgarde all over Europe: in Portugal (Manoel de Oliveira), Belgium (Henri Storck), France (Jean Vigo), the Netherlands (Joris Ivens) or Germany (László Moholy-Nagy): the most innovative heads of that time shoot with the help of the KINAMO. And: also the German communists used these cameras for their Agitprop-work.


The presented films in the programme:

Henri Storck: Images d’Ostende (1929) 12min
Jean Vigo: À propos de Nice (1930) 25min
László Moholy-Nagy: Grossstadtzigeuner (1932) 11min
Piel Jutzi: Blutmai (1929) 12min


Spiral - Filmstill

Henri Storck: Images d’Ostende