Saxon Film Treasures Saturday 28 January 2012 18.00

Paul Rähnitz: Nothing is eternal - a film about the Neustadt

1986. Lethargy is present all over the slowly collapsing country. A superficial observer sees grey dressed and discontented people, living a leaden daily routine. At that time, in 1986, Paul Rähnitz was 21 years old. With his outdated but loyal AK8, he tried to film Dresden-Neustadt and the people living there. He was fascinated by the aesthetics of the city´s decline. After a quarter of a century we will be astonished about Paul Rähnitz´ historical substandard film fragments. For the first time in the Motorenhalle and for the last time with the original technique of the 1980s, a clashing Russian film projector, Paul Rähnitz will present his historic substandard film-fragments. Furthermore, there are texts, music and Mitropa prize competitions.