Super8/16 – The Competition Saturday January 28, 21.00

Screening and Presentation of Awards

The crème de la crème of the current Super8-cinema is - of course – will be presented in 2012 as well. The view through the kaleidoscope of the international and fresh as a daisy substandard film scene is unique and legendary. Huge emotions, humorous meetings and little works of art were recorded on 8- and 16mm movies. Animations, stories, documentations and artistic experiments face up to the decision of the audience and the international jury.

The following films are nominated for the competition programme:

Diary of Dreams: May 2, 2010, Daniel Abad, Spain 2011.
Flavored with rumpsteak, Veruschka Bohn, Germany 2011.
Untitled, Nathan Cyprys, Canada 2009.
Main Operating Motivation, Paul Dorn, Switzerland 2006.
Awe Shocks, Anja Dornieden /Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Germany 2011.
Buchtwacht, M. Francescon, M. Sommermeyer, Germany 2011.
The secret cinema of Jerzy Treblinka, Luca Gennari, Italy 2010.
Broken time, Johannes Gierlinger, Austria 2011.
Mumms Attack, Katrin Hammer, Austria 2011.
Rögtön jövök / Coming Soon, Hegedűs 2 László, Hungary 2010.
Face to Face, Magnus Irvin, Great Britain 2011.
Fruit Flies, Christine Lucy Latimer, Canada 2010.
Pass by, Lukas Marxt, Austria 2008.
Die Essenz, David Pfluger, Switzerland 2011.
The Brainmodulator, Florian Rau, Germany 2011.
Drift, Christina von Greve, Germany 2010.