The Festival - You Only See Twice

14th dresdner schmalfilmtage have double vision

Under the festival's title 'You Only See Twice', the 14th dresdner schmalfilmtage 2013 are dedicated to the special experimental narrative method of parallel imagery by double-, multi- and picture-in-picture-projections in the context of juxtaposed and combined analogue and digital audiovisual media and performances. Images commenting images, reinterpreting them, broadening the context, annihilating each other, sometimes as a dense collage and sometimes as incompatible yet related parallel worlds. They are combined, merged, newly composed, mirrored, multiplied and fed-back.

This year the Japanese filmmaker and curator Tomonari Nishikawa is present. He curates a selection of Japanese experimental films of the past 25 years, some of them not yet presented in Europe. You can discover Japanese narrative methods, pictoral compositions, camera work and physically constructed levels of space and time. The Berlin based Daniel Kötter is a director, filmmaker and video artist with a special interest in multichannel video installations and alternative concert formats. He presents his films with double projections. The new Expanded Cinema Performance "Gogol & Wiesinger: TBA" (2012) presents an exciting development process between sound and image in triple projection. Both artists are known for their surprising and exceptional interaction. Jim Lacy ranks among the most significant animation artists in Germany and, in 2001, he founded the animation studio STOPTRICK with Kathrin Albers in Hamburg. For the first time, there will be a retrospective show with current and earlier Super 8 animation films at the dresdner schmalfilmtage. The two special programmes 'You Only See Twice', curated by Nadine Bors (NL, curator) and André Eckardt (Dresden, DIAF), explore the subject in detail with central works from the history of international experimental film and video art and current works.

Apart from the outstanding usual: the Super8 contest, the live dubbing, the cartoon programme on Saturday afternoon and the Super8-workshop, there will be two new highlights in our programme. New is the start of the workshop series 'Wundertrommel' for kids and young people. The question ' What happens when a chicken eats a bee?' will be dealt in a playful manner. During the festival you can see the performance installation 'Piano Works-16mm' of Matt Davis from the UK, where a piano and a projector dispute for visuality and acoustics.

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