PETER FÓRGACS: ANGELOS‘ FILM Friday, 22 January 2016, 7:00 pm

Aren't we through with the topic of World War II and the occupation of Greece, 75 years ago, by now? Why the permanent remembrance of one of those dark chapters of German history? This film will give you the answers to these questions. Why German occupation policy was an enormous crime, even on paper. Or why, only months after the occupation, nine out of ten Greek babies didn't survive. Angelos Papanastassiou has secretly captured his country's exodus on film with his 16mm camera since 1941- despite the rigorous prohibition of filming. Only in 1999, the Hungarian director Peter Fórgacs screened  all of Angelos' film reels and managed to uncover with care the history of this man and of the Greeks' trauma. 

R: Péter Forgács NL 1999, 58min, BetaSP