The Social Modern Age and its HeirsSaturday, 23 January 2016, 5:30 pm

Her special interest involved the social aspects of the modern age. His: The heritage and the heirs of this departure.
70 years seperate Ella Bergmann-Michels' pioneering independent short films and Bernd Kilian's experimental Dresden documentary 'Altpieschen'.
How film reflects the interaction of architecture and living, how people consider building ensembles as a stage – all of this can be observed in Frankfurt/Main in 1931 as well as in Dresden in 2011 in a fascinating way. Even though the signals of prodound changes in the communal structure could not be more different.

Ella Bergmann-Michel: 'Where old people live', 1931, 13min, 35mm
Ella Bergmann-Michel: 'Unemployed persons are cooking for unemployed persons', 1932, 9min, 35mm
Bernd Kilian: 'Altpieschen', 2001, 45min, 16mm

Followed by a discussion with Bernd Kilian