LabA: Eclipse of Useless LightFriday, 22 January 2016, 8:00 pm

The Athens laboratory started as a self-help project of several artists and is now concerned with supporting analogue film projects throughout Greece. Its focus is on the DIY idea – Celluloid is not just defined by aesthetic aspects, but as a means to reflect on the economics and policy of film. LabA's discourse has a European approach and they put emphasis on a solid theoretical basis, but without trying to exaggerate the importance of the experimental film.

The programme 'Eclipse of Useless Light' gives an insight into LabA's film production. In 2013, 19 short films were produced in seven days, with the support of Labor Berlin. Two of these films, Diving Film (N. Efstiathiadi) and Austerity Measure (G. Cailleau & B. Russel), are part of this year's programme at the schmalfilmtage. TinosTamaToom (N. Gütermann & 20 further persons) is a documentation about a funeral party for Ektachrome on a Cycladic island. Green Sheep (V. Bourikas & Y. Yaxas) was shot and developed in a railway compartment on the route Sarajevo-Budapest. Further films are: Zweiter Versuch (V. Bourikas & F. Schmidt), Antigone (I. Mermigka) and Eklipsi Anofelou Fotos (T. Deliyannis).
The film programme will be presented by Vassily Bourikas and Yannis Yakis.



Zweiter Versuch (V. Bourikas | Felix Schmidt)


Green Sheep (V. Bourikas & Y. Yaxas)