PANAL II: Film Laboratories as a ModelSaturday, 23 January 2016, 5:30 pm at the Kultur Forum

Independent Film / Co-Working-Space / DIY
(Discussion / Film/ Presentation)

Super8 and 16mm film are formats of an independent film scene which hasn't accepted that these formats are seemingly outdated. Nothing promotes the analogue film production more than these independent laboratories that have emerged throughout the world over the last few years. Artists and film makers responded to the worsening production conditions by joining forces with the objective to preserve this artistic technology.
Each laboratory develops its characteristic signature – not least because of the regional specifics. This year, the laboratories based in Athens and Paris present their positions and working methods and discuss the assets of independent film production. The discussion will be conducted in English.

Participants: Vassily Bourakis and Yannis Yaxas (Athens), as well as Nathalie Nambot and Nicolas Ray (Paris)

These three films are presented:

"Second Fraction" by Guillaume Mazloum, 16mm, 7’, 2014

"Afternoon" by Tatia Shaburishvili, 16 mm, 7’, 2015

"Como crece la sombra cuando el sol se inclina" / "As the shadows grow when the sun leans" by Camilo Restrepo, 16mm, 11’, 2014