PARK FICTION - Margit Czenki Thursday, 21 January 2016, 9:00 pm

The desires will leave the flat and take to the streets, GER 1999,
60 min, 16mm blow up from Super8

… shows the fight for the brilliant ideas on a park near the harbour which the people of St. Pauli manage to assert against a multi-million building project, cleverly conducted from a position of inferiority, presented in rich colours. A film collage on a park which doesn't yet exist, on art & politics, on nomadic warfare, on oscillating desires. On the city and what it could be. On very different persons and the power of a group which works together and develops ideas over a longer period.

'The film collage 'Park Fiction' is extremely inspiring because it demonstrates vividly and drastically how collective action forwards the production of desires and how desires, dulled by miserable conditions, make you more and more smart and productive by interaction …' (Katha Schulte in: Szene Hamburg 3/99)

Margit Czenki is a filmmaker and artist. Her artistic work intervenes in the political field and originates, often collectively, in the context of social conflicts.
Since the nineties, her works combine pop, poetry and politics. Since the turn of the millenium, their declared intention is to intervene directly to change urban everyday life.
As a founding member of the interdisciplinary planning team PlanBude, Czenki organizes the production of desires and the participation in the redesign of the ESSO-buildings in St. Pauli.


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D.Domingo Filmando