PANEL I - Utopia takes a walkSaturday, 23 January 2016, 3:30 pm at the Kultur Forum

Fictions of Space and Social Utopias

In Park Fiction (see programme), Margit Czenki documented a residents' alternative draft for an urban design plan for the banks of the Elbe. Without being asked, the neighbours developed their own ideas – the desires left the flats and took to the streets. In 2007, she shot Videotaxi (with Christoph Schäfer) and in 2009 the film Abwertungskit in cooperation with the Anti-Gentrification Movement Hamburg. She is founding member of the interdisciplinary planning team PlanBude which, since 2014, organises the desire production of and participation in the ESSO-houses' replanning in St. Pauli.
In participation with guests from Dresden and the audience, Margit Czenki will take part in a discussion on co-determination of the residents concerning the design of their urban environment.
With Margit Czenki, Katja Friedrich and a representative of Freiraum Elbtal. Presented by Christiane Mennicke (Kunsthaus Dresden)