Super8/16 – The CompetitionSaturday 23th January 2015, 8.30 pm

Screening and Presentation of Awards

For all those who think that Super8/16mm is dead: This programme will allow yourself to get convinced by the opposite. Purists and experimentalists, aestheticists and pranksters, united by one format. No matter if in 3D, 4K or 48fps – as long as it's originally shot on 8mm or 16mm film, it is worth to be promoted to the supreme discipline: The Competition – the festival's crown jewel.

And the winners are...

After controversial discussions the members of the jury Anja Dornieden from Berlin, Bernhard Marsch from Cologne and David Pfluger from Basel elected the film "Deux Hommes dans une auto / Two men in a car" by Eric Barzman from Paris to be the winner in the International Competition Super8/16, which was traditionally donated by Filmotec from Wolfen.

The Audience Award, donated by Screenshot from Berlin, went to the film "What we do when we are alone" by Moritz Adlon and Felix Pflieger from Munich – after a very close decision by only one vote.

The nominated films:

Block 1
filmstill: Two Men in a Car Title: Two Men in a Car (F 2015)
Directed by: Eric Barzman
Format: Super 8 Länge: 12'00
Tired of the life they live in Paris, Harry and Jérôme decide to improvise sudden holidays at the sea, to break from modern world.

filmstill: Ungdomen Title: I ungdomen (D 2015)
Directed by: Patrick Müller
Format: 16mm Länge: 3'00
Synopsis: Film poem based on the thoughts of Swedish poet Gustaf Fröding (1860-1911) on youth, departure and first love.

Link: patrickcinema.de
filmstill: Finnland in four movements Title: Finland in 4 movements (FIN 2013) Genre: Experimentalfilm
Directed by: Arvid van der Rijt
Format: 16mm Länge: 3'00
Synopsis: Optical sound performance, which was shown april 2013 in Vaasa, Finland. Handmade 16mm filmloops inspired by barcodes of Finnish spirits and sausage are played simultaneously on 3 projectors.
Block 2
filmstill: sonic intangible Title: Sonic Intangible (AUS 2015)
Directed by: Johnny Welch
Synopsis: 3 musicians delve into the elusive aspects of music, traversing subconscious realms to grasp concepts beyond the reach of their fingertips.
filmstill: Cake Title: Cake (UK 2013)
Directed by: Magnus Irvin
Format: Super 8
Celebrity pastry chef Fanny Haddock demonstrates how to make a Swiss Roll using everyday, household ingredients.

Link: magnusirvin.com
Block 3
filmstill: Da dort Title: Da-Dort (GER 2015)
Genre: Experimentalfilm
Directed by: Stefan Möckel
Super 8
Lenght: 1'00
Synopsis: Where is the crime scene? Here or there?
filmstill: Sonntag, Büscherhöfchen 2 Title: Sonntag, Büscherhöfchen 2 (GER 2014) Genre: Experimentalfilm/ Dokumentarfilm
Directed by:
Miriam Gossing und Lina Sieckmann
16 mm
Lenght: 12'51
Synopsis: A private residential building in the Bergisches Land on Sunday.
filmstill: Bin ich reich? Title: Bin ich reich? (D 2015)
Directed by:
Dagie Brundert
Format: Super 8
Synopsis: Recently, I had a strange dream. I am on my way, walking on a meadow which leads to a castle or a palace. I know that I have to enter the castle.
Block 4
filmstill: Was wir tun, wenn wir allein sind Title: Was wir tun wenn wir allein sind (D 2015) Genre: Experimentalfilm/ Dokumentarfilm
Directed by: Moritz Adlon, Felix Pflieger
Format: 16 mm Lenght: 8'33
Synopsis: Picking, scratching, squeezing is 'what we do when we are alone'. The little things that we don't share with anyone because they usually emerge by chance, are gone quickly and seem to be incredibly intimate. Often we don't even think about it, we just do it.
filmstill: Mowgli (Upstairs) Title: Mowgli (Upstairs) (Esp 2015)
Genre: Experimentalfilm
Directed by: Pere Ginard
Format: Super 8 Lenght: 4'00
Synopsis: A filmmaker, obsessed with Marey and Muybridge, and his 4-year-old son, obsessed with Walt Disney’s Jungle Book, decide to make a film together. Little by little ghosts pass from father to son.
Filmstill: Invisible Dialogue Title: Invisible Dialogue (UK 2014)
Genre: Experimantalfilm
Directed by: Karel Doing, James Holcombe, Rosalind Fowler, Emilie Atkinson
3'00 Synopsis: A collaborative experiment in which four people shoot one quarter of the film each using a Bolex and matte box, engaging in an invisible dialogue with each other via the masked sections of the image. Each person also records 2.5 minutes of sound which is played back at the same time and optically recorded onto the film strip before final processing.