SCHUSS! by Nicolas Rey (L’Abominable Paris)Sunday 24th January 2016 7.00 PM
-> Sceening at Thalia Cinema, Görlitzer Str. 6 <-

In French, the German word 'Schuss' is used for the type of skiing where you descend a steep slope straightly and unbraked. Figuratively, the notion means to reach your goals fast and directly – the picture that the film draws. Ray's first feature film begins with a classy quasi verité documentary about the daily routine in a modest French ski resort. Progressively, the film shifts its attention from the ski resort to the dominant presence of the regional aluminium industry which is responsible for the constant transformation of the region, finally threatening the ski resort itself. Developed granularly, with extreme photochemical techniques, the fable about industry and capitalism is an exploration of the landscape as a hidden set of significants of power.

Nicolas Rey (*1968) produces film essays about literature, politics and landscape. They fascinate by their idiosyncratic mixture of subtle analysis, visual power and playful wit. 'I try to make films which possess a certain historical depth and, at the same time, are located in the present.' (Nicolas Rey)