INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION SUPER8/16 Saturday, 23 March 2019 8.30 pm

Traditionally, prizes were also awarded on the Saturday of the festival at the International Competition Super 8/16. And the interest of filmmakers and viewers in this contest, which is reserved exclusively for productions originally produced in Super8 and 16mm formats, continues unabated. Almost all of the nominees came themselves, brought their analogue material with them and presented it in the competition. Of the more than 150 international submissions, the dresdner schmalfilmtage showed ten nominated films to the festival audience and the international jury of film experts and makers: Claus Opperman (producer and media writer, Germany), Telemach Wiesinger (photographer and filmmaker, Germany) and Martin Grennberger (journalist and film curator, Sweden). The jury prize went to "Les films du dés-apparaître - #1 - Mes cheuv' dans ta ******" by French filmmaker Oscar Hache. The materiality intense work, that ends on a surprising note, which only an analogue film can reach, convinced the jury. The jury prize is donated by FilmoTec Wolfen. And "Remnants of the Tripode" by Gérémy Lelièvre from France received a honorable mention by the jury members. In addition to the jury, the festival visitors also chose their favourite film. This year's Audience Award went to the film "The little tools" by French filmmaker Emmanuel Piton about a foundry, a morning where nothing begins.

Moderation: Nadine Bors, Sophia & Franziska Hoffmann

Stella Erratica, Ben Barton, Super8, 09:25, United Kingdom 2017
Alone on a desolate planet. Or is he? This experimental lo-fi sci-fi charts a voyage through space to another world. Although the monsters may lie much closer to home... Props from the film were also used by David Bowie's production team for his penultimate music video, Blackstar.

CAMINO DE VUELTA (Pleasant Dreams), Ignacio Benedeti Corzo, Super8, 04:15, Spain 2018

A beautiful song, three wonderful ladies (Paula, Laura and the Tower of Hercules!). A musical film shot in Super8 to 4K.

Weiterstadt von unten, Manuel Francescon; Michael Sommermeyer, Super8, 03:40, Germany 2018

Romantic and dreamy - this is how the small but beautiful community of Weiterstadt nearby Darmstadt presents itself to the visitors. The 5000 “Seelendorf” is a quiet location in the middle of the Rhine-Main-Area, which resembles that of a spa town. But that's not all. Connoisseurs and insider know that Weiterstadt has even more to offer: a fascinating underground world.

Der Mensch und das Meer, Patrick Müller, Super8, 04:00, Germany 2018

In Baudelaires, the sea becomes the mirror of man: wild, abysmal and mysterious.

Sachstandsdokumentation (Nr. 0617 - 0918), Beatrice Moumdjian, 16mm, 05:25, Germany 2018
Documentation Report is an ongoing episodic film series. The performer with her cardboard surveillance camera hat moves through Sofia, Berlin and Leipzig, and interacts with architecture, urban surveillance systems and sites of power. Personal familial history and recent political history intersect in this reserved constellation.

Les films du dés-apparaître - #1 - Mes cheuv' dans ta ******, Oscar Hache, Super8, 04:19, France 2018
Les films du dés-apparaître is a film collection of film aiming to descent toward the deepness of the film's technical properties. (the roll film) Grain, negative/ positive, continue/discontinue, movement/ steadiness and others constituent oppositions are dismembered in a progressive and recurrent way, or on the model of the methodical determination with witch the vulture emaciate his prey. #1 – Mes cheuvs dans ta ******** is the first step of the dismembering

Remnants of the Tripode, Gérémy Lelièvre, 16 mm, 2:23, France 2018
In the film the filmmaker has followed the destruction of a building. Through the imagery there is a visual game of construction and deconstruction of an editing process. Accelerating the rhythmics, disrupting gradually the probable order of a succession of shots.

The little tools, Emmanuel Piton, 16mm, 10:54, France 2018
A foundry, a morning where nothing starts. The film mixes the imaginary story of a woman, crossing a world in ruins.

This Film, Shelly Silver, 16mm, 06:53, Germany 2018
Filming is alchemy; preserving, seeing, devouring, cutting. It privileges a solitary unseen protagonist, choosing this over that, it eats anything, not everything. The celluloid frames are forced to run, jump, trip, turning it all into a sad slapstick slapstick also embodies heartbreak. A meeting with an old friend, possibly for the last time. [Or] a throwback to a kind of film I never made. But if I did, it would be a noisy film with silence.

Marzahn DDR-Vorzeigebezirk, Noémi von Gunten, Super8, 01:44, Suisse 2018
A trip in Marzahn, a district located in East Berlin. It is one of the flagship sets of the former DDR (RDA), and the largest. At the time when Berlin was separated in two, this district was the ideal habitat of the socialist worker.

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